Job Search Training Aids

The Intuitivum Group provides coaching and training to job search ministries and professional organizations in the Houston area. The materials on this page are intended for use by members of these job search groups, but may be used by anyone seeking a better understanding of the job search process. The Intuitivum Group, the ministries and professional organizations that we provide services to, and the employees and members of these organizations provide no warrantee as to the fitness for use of any of these materials for any reason.

Work Team Administrative Documents

Work Team Meeting Aids

Job Search Process Overview

Getting Started (Practice 1)

Know Yourself (Practice 2 – Includes all materials from practice 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3)

Your Career Story: Past, Present and Future (Practice 2.2)

Develop Strong Achievement Statements (Practice 2.3)

Target Company Research (Practice 3.1)

Resume Development (Practice 3.2)

Social Networking Profile (Practice 3.3)

Job Search Metrics and Targets (Practice 4.1)

Campaign Planning (Practice 4.2)

Your Elevator Pitch (Practice 4.3)

The Power of Networking (Practice 5.1)

Controlling Your Campaign (Practice 5.3)

Interviewing (Practice 6.1)

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