Discrete Manufacturing Practice

Our Discrete Manufacturing business provides cost revitalization, systems improvement, manufacturing engineering, quality and safety management, and project management services to manufacturers of high quality engineered components or sub-assemblies with particular focus on implementing lean manufacturing practices.

Find out how we can help you transform your discrete manufacturing operations

Did you know that a lean transformation that converts your operations to a more focused continuous flow typically improves direct labor productivity by 40 percent and reduces the space required for manufacturing by 50 percent? Is six sigma better built in or inspected in? What are the best ways to eliminate bottlenecks? How can instilling the “championship” mentality in cross-functional teams lead to continuous productivity long after the initial event?

The Intuitivum Group can help you answer all of these questions quickly, accelerating your transformation efforts.

Cost Revitalization

  • Establish more effective work standards by implementing better time studies and job evaluations.
  • Provide cost system re-engineering, estimating and establishing your best standard costs.
  • Implement incentive systems that measure day work, gain sharing, and bonus programs.

System Improvement

  • Perform total assessment of your opportunities through value stream mapping
  • Recommend the best software for you (ERP, Project Life Management, CAP/CAM, or configuration) by means of GAP analysis.

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Process and operations analysis
  • Capacity studies for maximum production at minimum cost
  • Implement the best robotic and other automated systems
  • Analyze facilities and material flow

Quality and Safety

  • Perform Machine Reliability assessments and evaluations
  • Evaluate manufacturing and production systems
  • Implement preventative maintenance programs
  • Assess quality systems for recommended improvements, taking corrective action as needed

Project Management

  • Plant expansions
  • New equipment installations
  • New process implementations
  • Software implementations

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