Procurement Process Benchmarking

How can the Intuitivum Group accelerate my Procurement Transformation?

Procurement Transformation isn’t easy. If you are like most procurement leaders, you’ve already started a strategic sourcing effort to get quick savings, but you’re finding it hard to figure out what to do next. Do I improve my IT systems to gain efficiency and reduce errors? What if I focus on cleaning up my master data to better understand and control my spend? Should I modify my processes to align them with those I know to be highly effective? Do I focus on changing my organization and improving my staff capability? By now, you’ve probably concluded that you will need to do all of this and more, but you’re struggling to prioritize your efforts.

At the Intuitivum Group, we understand this need, and have developed highly effective benchmarking and project evaluation methods that will show you where you stand against the strong performers and give you the cost/ benefit analysis needed to prioritize your efforts.

To deliver you maximum value, we will benchmark your procurement processes, systems and organization capability against proven procurement standards and procedures. We have a broad array of process documentation that meets this need. Our standards, procedures and benchmark protocols cover the full range of activities that you may be looking to improve: Organization Design, Strategic Sourcing, Transaction Management, Vendor Relationship Management and Organization Performance Management. We can use this solid background to work with you to rapidly understand your current status, develop cost effective changes and help you transform your procurement organization to be among the best in your industry.


Procurement Management Processes
Key Supplier Performance and Reliability
Organization Performance Management


Strategic Sourcing – Strategic Sourcing Oversight
Strategic Sourcing – Forecast and Plan
Strategic Sourcing – Commodity Market Analysis
Strategic Sourcing – Supplier Evaluation
Strategic Sourcing – Strategy Development
Strategic Sourcing – Strategy Execution
Strategic Sourcing – Contract Implementation
Strategic Sourcing – Contract Management
Strategic Sourcing – Contract Compliance and Utilization
Vendor Relationship Management – Supplier Management
Vendor Relationship Management – Commodity Management
Vendor Relationship Management – Knowledge Sharing
Transaction Management – Data Management
Transaction Management – Procurement Processes
Transaction Management – Accounts Payable Processes

Benchmark and Audit Protocols

Procurement Management Standards and Procedures
Supplier Performance and Reliability
Procurement Organization Design
Organization Effectiveness and Development Needs


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Detailed information on the value you can deliver with a procurement transformation can be found at the following links:

Procurement Transformation Value Assessments

Why You Need Strong Processes and Systems



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