The Intuitivum Group has extensive experience creating value in both business and manufacturing environments. Our Operations and Supply Chain professionals all have more than 25 years of experience in the leadership and execution of high value add programs. This allows us to help you significantly accelerate your change efforts.

Like most business leaders that are looking to create a major change, you recognize the need to build strong processes, systems and organizations to deliver much greater value over the long term. You may also be concerned that your current activities need to be shored up to quickly capture available savings. We understand both of these needs and will help you deliver value near term, and rapidly build business and operations excellence.

Our focus is on accelerating your value creation by providing you with differentiated, cost effective services that fit your needs.

Operations Practice

Our Operations Practice provides Operational Excellence process design, execution and auditing services for operations, reliability, process safety, environmental, health, safety and quality activities in continuous manufacturing facilities.

Discrete Manufacturing Practice

Our Discrete Manufacturing business provides cost revitalization, systems improvement, manufacturing engineering, quality and safety management, and project management services to manufacturers of high quality engineered components or sub-assemblies with particular focus on implementing lean manufacturing practices.

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