Supply Chain Practice

Our Supply Chain Practice provides procurement process benchmarking, design, and execution services to all industries with a focus on delivering projects that achieve large variable and fixed cost savings.

Find out how we can help you transform your procurement operations

We can support all of your procurement transformation efforts, from benchmarking your current operations against the leading players in your industry to helping you implement solutions that will deliver significant value to your organization. We have a broad array of capabilities that will accelerate your efforts.

Organization Design

Determine the optimal design for your organization. Should it be decentralized, centralized, center led or something else? Do you have the staff to execute in the optimal organization now, or should you move in steps and gain time to build additional leadership capability?

Performance Management

Identify key procurement organization technical and behavioral skill gaps that will prevent the proper application of your new transactional processes and strategic sourcing capability, and deploy training that is focused on the specific needs of your staff.

Transaction Management

Implement proven practices to manage your procurement information and purchase to pay processes seamlessly within your existing or upgraded IT architecture. Streamline client, vendor, procurement and finance activities while maintaining effective financial control and data security.

Strategic Sourcing

Design and deploy processes and systems that deliver highly effective Commodity Use Forecasting and Planning, Market Analysis, Supplier Evaluation, Sourcing Strategy Development and Execution, Contract Implementation and Management, and Supplier Management capability.

Relationship Management

Manage your vendors to optimize their performance and maximize your return. More effective engagement will uncover issues that are increasing your acquisition costs. Beyond this, you cannot minimize your transactional or sourcing fixed costs without successfully integrating IT systems.

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