Performance Management

Identify key organization technical and behavioral skill gaps that will prevent the proper application of your redesigned processes and deploy training that is focused on the specific needs of your staff.

You can view sample reports published for our procurement practice by clicking here for a Sample Individual Report or here for a Sample Company Summary Report. Development and Performance Management reports for our Operations Practice are very similar, but use technical competency sets specific to the operations area of interest.

The Intuitivum Approach

Have you ever wondered why some professionals develop more rapidly than others do?  There has been a huge amount of research in this area and it appears that there is a relatively simple answer.  No, it’s not intellect or innate ability.  It is more about an individual’s power to understand their capabilities and aggressively pursue improvement.  True high performance comes through a continuous, well thought out review of your capabilities and a focused effort to change.

The Intuitivum Group has developed strong competency models and administrative tools in this area. This allows organizations to quickly assess the overall capability of individuals in their organization and compare them to a standardized capability set aligned to their level in the organization. Your staff will be able to understand both the organization’s perception of their performance in each competency area and the importance of that competency.

This knowledge will allow them to quickly focus on the issues that they need to work on first. The high level roll up that we provide to leadership will allow you to understand where you have key deficiencies and make decisions about overall training needs.

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