Operations Capability Assessments

Understand where you are compared to your peers and performance leaders, set your vision of where you want to be based on total return on investment, and build strong execution plans that include near term quick hits and longer term differential improvement.

Do you know your current process capability and the potential return on investment for an operations transformation?

We have proven process maturity model based methods and benchmarking techniques to help you understand your current level of performance compared to best in class organizations. We’ll work with you to create a transformation plan based on this assessment with a target to implement known, highly effective, operations and maintenance practices while meeting your total cost of ownership expectations. We’ll also help you execute this plan, ensuring that you deliver both near term quick hits and longer term differential improvement.

Our assessment of your performance and recommendations for future targets will cover all aspects of your processes and systems. Additionally, your performance level will be set based on a maturity model that is aligned with the best models available:

 Level 0 Process Icon

Level 0 (Survival)

No concept of processes. Just get it done.

 Level 1 Process Icon

Level 1 (Ad-Hoc)

Some local processes are in place, but firefighting still rules the day.

 Level 2 Process Icon

Level 2 (Localized)

Local processes are defined and managers work within a process framework.

 Level 3 Process Icon

Level 3 (Aligned)

Processes are employed with strategic intent. Intra-company cooperation is in place.

 Level 4 Process Icon

Level 4 (Integrated)

The organization structure is process based, intra-company processes are fully integrated and inter-company processes begin to be integrated.

 Level 5 Process Icon

Level 5 (Optimized and Extended)

Advanced process practices take hold. Process integration and collaboration with external partners is routine.


After your assessment, you will have a complete understanding of your process and systems maturity compared to your peers, knowledge of what is achievable over the next several years, and a solid view of the cost and value of the transformation you are expecting to make.

Detailed information on the value you can deliver with an operations transformation and other information on our manufacturing services can be found at the following links:

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Change isn’t easy. If you are like most manufacturing leaders, you’ve shored up your safety and health, process safety, and environmental processes. You’re probably asking how you can improve your operations performance and reliability to significantly impact the bottom line while continuing to improve your risk profile.

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