Operations Benchmarking

How can the Intuitivum Group accelerate Your Manufacturing Transformation?

Change isn’t easy. If you are like most manufacturing leaders, you’ve shored up your safety and health, process safety, and environmental processes. You’re probably asking how you can improve your operations performance and reliability to significantly impact the bottom line while continuing to improve your risk profile.

At the Intuitivum Group, we understand this need, and have developed highly effective benchmarking and evaluation methods that will show you where you stand against the strong performers and give you the cost/benefit analysis needed to prioritize your efforts.

To deliver you maximum value, we will benchmark your manufacturing processes, systems and organization capability against proven operations standards and procedures. We have a broad array of process documentation that meets this need. Our standards, procedures and benchmark protocols cover the full range of activities that you may be looking to improve: Personnel Performance, Operations Effectiveness, Reliability Effectiveness, and Risk Management. We can use this solid background to work with you to rapidly understand your current status, develop cost effective changes and help you transform your manufacturing operations to be among the best in your industry.


People – Safety and Health Management
People – Training and Certification
People – Organization Performance Management
Operations Effectiveness – Communications
Operations Effectiveness – Environmental Performance
Operations Effectiveness – Operations Performance
Reliability Effectiveness – Maintenance Performance
Reliability Effectiveness – Inspection Performance
Risk Management – Process Safety Management
Risk Management – Facility Security
Risk Management – Emergency Preparedness
Risk Management – Incident Reporting and Follow-Up


Communications – Operating Manuals
Process Safety Management – Process Hazard Analysis
Process Safety Management – Process Change Authorization
Process Safety Management – Startup Safety Reviews

Benchmark and Audit Protocols

Operations Management Standards and Procedures
Organization Effectiveness and Development Needs

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