Make the Right Job Search Contacts

Executives looking for new talent tell us that in the current human resource rich environment they pick only the best candidates to interview and hire.  They can afford to heavily filter the applicant pool and only speak with the best professionals before they make their decisions.  How do you get on this list?  Is it your resume or you’re your social media profile?  Is it about your overall marketing plan or how much time you put into the effort?  Or, is it about who you know?  It’s all of these things, but in this market, it’s mostly about how you make the right contacts, network effectively and sell yourself.

ISM-Houston provides seminars and on line training materials to help people in transition learn the basic skills of the job search and, more importantly, give you experience developing the interaction skills that you need to engage and sell yourself.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, go to the Intuitivum Job Search Training Aids Page for more information and tools to help you in your efforts.

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